It Rained

Please accept my apology for my website’s service over the past few days. I am working to improve the experience, and I hope you will have a happy and satisfying user experience when you visit.That’s not the reason I’m writing you today. I have had a lot on my mind and must share it. I […]

Breaker breaker, what’s your 20?

Nobody that has not been convicted of a criminal charge should have to spend an extended period caged. If you need to ask how long that time is, then it’s already been to long. Those that imprison people unjustly are criminals. Power used to enrich the powerful is not a crime. Power used to subvert […]

No Shots Fired, but Still at War

We are a christian country. It only works as a constitutional republic. The republic envisioned by our founding fathers necessitates christian ethics and morals. Without them, the document lacks the principles that the constitution was founded on are christian. This does not take anything away from other religions. In fact it gives these other faiths […]

For What Purpose do You Serve?

Senator Heinrich, I am a deeply flawed man. The brunt of the assault on our Republic often falls directly on my shoulders. In spite of my rough edges, and eccentricities I do my best to defend our God given American Rights as written in the Constitution. What is the purpose of your personal attack on […]

David Chipman to lead the ATF

Immolation Means Burning to Death I am feeling bad. Sometimes it takes a while for the bells to ding in my head. Looking back at the ATF debacle in Waco Texas, and now my stomach hurts. April 19, 1993 men, women and children burned up. What is truth? What is responsibility? What is the force […]

Don’t Give Up, and Never Quit What happens to the old people? Where does the work and sweat of their lifetime end up after their passing? Do you deserve to inherit their life’s work? Is it a racial issue? Does our border security extend to corporate culture hopping over the wall? Old folks pass away. We grieve, we remember and […]

Get a Good Whiff

What did they expect? Of course men will push back. All this chain yanking is turning folks into the opposite of what was intended. The LGTBQ forgot a couple letters. They forgot to add the “super straight” to their catchy acronym. Make it LGTBQ”SS” and it becomes all encompassing. The full spectrum of humanity, from […]

We are far from “gameover” -DJT

Very little separates Americans. We are a united people. Nothing so horrible and unconscionable divides average ordinary Americans. Arguments over union membership, disagreements about who should marry whom aren’t uncommon. Actually, arguing is not uncommon. Americans love to argue. Separated from foreigners who have not had the opportunity to express their opinions. Our country’s conscience […]