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We Run Out of People First

December 19, 2020 As the media continues to push the agenda of our adversary, the mathematicians are weighing the numbers, and the scales are tipped. We seem to run out of people before Joe Biden reaches his vote total. Bill Binney, a noted constitutional patriot that you may heard of crunched those numbers for us. […]

Step Up Senator, Do the Right Thing

December 16 , 2020 Can you believe it? Our entire country, the path we are heading, and where we’ll end up seems to be all based on blackmail, and extortion. Guys, we are Americans. We are the sons and daughters of prostitutes. We are the ancestors of second sons with no inheritance in Japan. We […]

Remain Vigilant

December 12, 2020 The show is not over, we are still in the process. Many people have recommended vigilante behavior. I cannot condone that. Remain vigilant, but don’t be vigilantes. When you tweet, or Parler with people about these corrupt political creatures that are attempting to take over our country, please include the hashtag #EveryoneKnows […]

Tracking 10,000 Faces a Second

November 27, 2020 Staying focused is difficult. There are to many subjects to bounce around to. This Thanksgiving weekend was not spectacular for a lot of people. I hope that you had a good one. I did. We went for a walk in the woods. Tonight, I will be on the radio at 7 PM […]

Thanksgiving Labor

November 25, 2020 We are coming up on Thanksgiving and our nation is still divided over the election fiasco at the beginning of the month.Let’s be certain not to forget and take time to help our neighbors for Thanksgiving. There is a lot of everything going on, to the point of confusion. However tomorrow, […]

Moving at the Speed of Law

November 19, 2020 I know that you are getting tired of this. Me too, it is unreasonable to wake up daily to the news that nothing has happened. Nothing seems to come together, it seems that the more you research and study situations, the more you find nothing happens to bad actors. Even though that is […]

A Perfect 300

November 4, 2020 It surprised me, but today I received an X from Dlive. I am guessing that is a strike like in bowling, since they are game oriented. It was pointed out to me that the X was because of nudity, or discussion of religion. I promise to wear at least some lingerie tomorrow […]

An American Climax

October 14, 2020 We are coming close to a climax in America. The value of the American election is apparent. In many ways it is transparent. We see every move that is made. However, most are not aware of the details that are going on. There is already a segregated internet. What you see, hear […]