Month: December 2020

A Perfect 300

November 4, 2020 It surprised me, but today I received an X from Dlive. I am guessing that is a strike like in bowling, since they are game oriented. It was pointed out to me that the X was because of nudity, or discussion of religion. I promise to wear at least some lingerie tomorrow […]

An American Climax

October 14, 2020 We are coming close to a climax in America. The value of the American election is apparent. In many ways it is transparent. We see every move that is made. However, most are not aware of the details that are going on. There is already a segregated internet. What you see, hear […]

The Presidential Debate

September 30, 2020 We made it through the first presidential debate, and clearly it was a wake up call for many Americans. Of course it crashed the stream we had set up for it, but I believe that the internet practically broke last night because so many folks were streaming the debate. The world really […]