Remain Vigilant

December 12, 2020

The show is not over, we are still in the process. Many people have recommended vigilante behavior. I cannot condone that. Remain vigilant, but don’t be vigilantes.

When you tweet, or Parler with people about these corrupt political creatures that are attempting to take over our country, please include the hashtag #EveryoneKnows We need to make sure they know we know. They are living in a bubble that is reinforced by their peers, and don’t even realize we already know it when they are attempting to deceive us.

If you are using Youtube, or other compromised networks of communication. Realize that you are monitored. Start and end your videos and calls in silly ways. Silly will get you listed. Be silly at the beginning, and at the end. This will get you through the first level of censorship. Here is an example I made.

When you get past that level it takes more and more creativity and effort, but this will get your messages spread farther. My actual message didn’t start until 17 seconds into it. I am guilty of not doing this every time myself. Until this crisis is over, I will do my best to fall back into this behavior. I hope you can do the same. More eyes will see what you have to say.

The presidential election is not over. Don’t listen to those that say it is. Unless President Trump concedes. If he doesn’t, then it will follow the steps that lay in front of him. It is not the first time that an election has been contested. It is the first time that the reason for it is so blatantly exposed to the voting public, with the politicians ignoring the fact the #EveryoneKnows

Now is the time to go outside and let your voices be heard. I do heartily recommend it. The Sun is a natural source of UV, which is known to kill many germs. Really go outside! The majority of California is on lockdown order now. Do you realize that most of our winter veggies come from California? I do believe that the Gavin Newsome intends to depress the economy, starve the people, and lower the prices of property to the point he can acquire it, for himself and his cronies.

Think about it, and realize what is happening. Go outside and spread the word. There are many evil forces converging at the same time to overthrow our way of life. You know about some of it. What you know about talk about.

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