The Petition Needs to be Physically Signed

December 13, 2020

Wow! Things are becoming foggy, but we have to keep focused and pointed in the right direction. I can assure you that this fight is not over. Our country is at risk, and Americans won’t bend to threats. It is raining this morning here in Sacramento. So later today I will go outside. Please go outside every day. As I drive around California, I notice something. I notice people on the street waving signs to pull over and sign a recall petition. This petition needs to be physically signed, just submitting a digital copy won’t do it. I suppose a LOCKDOWN on the state might be directly correlated to this fact. I wouldn’t put it past the tyrannical governor that is running this state. So don’t forget to pull over, shake hands, and sign the petition Californians.

Breaking news has come out. It is hard to believe, but it seems the Communist Chinese have infiltrated many large companies and governments. Shanghai the gateway to the PRC has had all of their members released. The list is here.

It seems that many of these people are inside many western companies and organizations now. As friends, employees and advisers. Basically, this is a big break in outing the Chinese espionage that has taken place over the last few years.

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