Step Up Senator, Do the Right Thing

December 16 , 2020

Can you believe it? Our entire country, the path we are heading, and where we’ll end up seems to be all based on blackmail, and extortion. Guys, we are Americans. We are the sons and daughters of prostitutes. We are the ancestors of second sons with no inheritance in Japan. We are the bastard descendants of European nobility. We are the grandchildren of coolies from Guangjou that couldn’t even own land.

It is not time to be Chief Joseph yet. Someday, we will have a peaceful world. Someday, “We will fight no more, forever.”

Now is time to “Go For Broke!” Now is time to say “Geronimo!” We are Americans guys!

We should be above, blackmail and extortion since we started all the way down. There is only up for America and Americans. Have you forgotten that Senator?

We are the people that put up with severe hardships in order to form a more perfect union. Are you more special than the rest of us? Once you let these creepy elites trick you into thinking you can join them, then you have completely lost. They are going to leave you in the ditch along the way. Trying to join them, isn’t going to help. Your historical legacy won’t even be a footnote. It will be erased by the coming cultural revolution that you have let loose. Your simple actions yesterday have unlocked the gates to our great country.

Our future won’t be much different from those poor souls in East Turkestan. That is the path you have opened the gate to. You need to rise above those embarrassing feelings. Letting our country fall because of your embarrassment is not what a real American would do. Stand up and speak out, and tell the truth. That is what we want. That is what America wants. You will find there are way more on your side than you thought. We can’t do this without your leadership. So step up and be a leader. Do the right thing, and good things will surely come of it. We all make mistakes, but some mistakes lead to hard forks in the path of our world. I worry that you may be making that hard path turn for the worse. Do your best and that Is the best you can do. We will back you up with our power and voices. It depends on you now. To do the right thing.


  1. We are the descendants of outlaws, prisoners and slaves. No matter your home culture, we are all Americans and won’t give up without a fight!

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