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When everyone has let us down, it isn’t a conspiracy anymore. We sat back and watched, and now it is our turn to speak out. We are the majority. Most people are satisfied to be quiet, just knowing that our strong Republic will weather the storm. We have checks and balances. There is the rule of law. Our Constitution is a living document that we trust in providing the answers and guidelines, to our courts. Then the judges can make the right decisions. Our policemen and sheriffs will clear the crime from the street. Then the justice system will weigh the perpetrators and make informed decisions based on our laws.

This year, the year of the lockdown that all changed. The plan that Chairman Mao planted in the 1950s has grown, and here is the fruit of that 70 years waiting. It is harvest time for the communist Chinese. They planned the long game and worked their plan diligently. They found the weak-willed political creatures that were easy to buy off. Those people and families that would be willing to sell out our nation and help bring in the foundation of the new Chinese century that Chairman Mao envisioned. Handlers were assigned and coordinated. When everything was set in place. We ended up with the lockdown. Flattening the curve so to speak. It just keeps getting flattened doesn’t it?

The heart and soul of our country was ripped out during 2020. We the people allowed it. Those rights endowed by our Creator on us were modified, and manipulated. Using carefully crafted political propaganda to insure our obedience. So here we sit at home with Christmas canceled, and our families distanced from us. Our churches closed and those things that make us uniquely American removed from our reach. Our small businesses who were the backbone of our nation crumble around us,

and our Congress debates sending us a stipend that won’t hold over anyone. We have become subservient to the state just like that.

We are beginning Act III, and you have been invited from among the audience to participate. Participating means being part of it. You are the missing piece in this show of shows. The entertainment spectacle of the 21st century. Our government was designed to be participated with. We have not been participating, only sitting back applauding or booing from our controlled social media accounts. This is not participation that matters or counts, because when you applaud, or boo it is controlled. If you clap your hands-off script, your applause is silenced. Nobody hears you scream. Nobody hears you stomping your feet because your connection is only virtual, and your number was not part of the show.

Act III is different. This is the finale. It will be written as it unfolds. The communists have lost control. The American people have lost control. Now we have one voice in the wilderness we can hear. That is the President of the United States. Who is one of the few elected representatives we have that still sticks to the fundamental foundational principles of the United States of America.

He has pointed out what happened to our country. We have seen the fraud, and booed from our virtual box seats, but nobody heard our displeasure. Nobody outside of our virtual ghetto even knows what happened this year. They have been fed, and are satisfied with the propaganda written for them by the communists. They never saw any of the election irregularities. They aren’t stupid people. They are just ignorant of the facts.

So now at the ending of Act II, we sit on the edge of our seats looking at the imminent death of our Republic, waiting in anticipation for what is next. What is next is a trip to Washington DC. The home of the traitorous folks that have sold our country behind our backs.

Our President has called YOU, and your neighbor. My friends and me. All of those that hear the message to attend a town-hall meeting. The date and time have been published, and you are expected, if you are able to arrive on time. Act III will not be virtual. Act III is face to face, in person interaction with the rest of our Nation. Act III is our proof that our flag is still there. You are invited to fly, ride, hitch hike catching a ride with friends along the way to be in Washington DC on January 6, 2021 at 7 AM to be part of the plan to retake our country.

To be involved in the course of human events.

To be present when our liberties are reestablished.

To exercise your right to peacefully assemble.

Supporting and defending our country now should be the most important topic of discussion at that Christmas dinner you will have in spite of strict rules against it. Don’t forget to feed a friend. Friends will be proud and won’t mention they are hungry, but you will see it in hints. So take the hint and don’t let a friend go hungry along the way.

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