Belling Cat Continues to Pester my Email Contacts

Whatever your feelings about Belling Cat, they are persistent. Their attempts to cause trouble and associate with criminals is apparent.

Here is a copy of the letter they send to my contacts. Of course I have reported this to the FBI.


Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Eoghan Macguire. I am an editor at Bellingcat. A piece has been
submitted to us detailing exposed email logs belonging to the owners and
operators of 8kun and its parent company Is It Wet Yet.

The logs show two Blessed To Teach email addresses were contacted by the
[email protected] address, which belongs to Mr Jim Watkins, on March 9,
March 23, June 26 and July 3, 2020.

This detail will be mentioned in the story and we would like to give you
the opportunity to comment on it as well as share what the subject of the
email was if you so wish?

The story will detail how Mr Watkins has been in touch with a number of
popular QAnon influencers and enthusiasts over the past 18 months as well
as explore some of the vulnerabilities exposed by 8kun and Mr Watkins sites.

We plan to publish on Wednesday January 6th at Midday PST. If you would
like to respond, please do so before then.

Many thanks and best regards


Came from: [email protected]


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