United in the Loss of Freedom

What will you do during the next cycle of lockdowns? We haven’t had the lockdown restrictions that other countries less free than America was, have had to endure. We have been spoiled by our freedoms. Other countries have endured greater abuse and not spoken out about it. Overtly at least. America, the United States of America are coming together rapidly. To be united in the loss of freedom that the rest of our brothers across the globe have learned to live with. We hold these truths to be self evident, and it is obvious and flamboyantly waved in our faces. We the People have not had to suffer at the level other countries and peoples have.

If I had a hammer.

There are places on earth that you may have considered free countries that no longer are. Their leaders used the threat of disease and pestilence as an excuse to clamp down on unpleasant disagreeable populations. Threats of liberty are extremely annoying to political leaders. Does anyone remember the New Zealanders? They used to be so outspoken, making a loud noise for such a small population. Who would have thought that they could be silenced so effectively? The voice of New Zealand is now one quiet voice, instead of many loud individuals, they speak as one in unity through their government run media. The government no longer needs to worry about insurrection, because the weapons of the individual citizens have been confiscated. This gun grab was an orchestrated action to silence dissent. It was effective. Hyper sensationalizing criminal actions, aggressively pushing the narrative through media that is effectively controlled by government caused the New Zealanders to submit and become submissive to total government control. The harmony between media and government efficiently removing the thread of liberty from the Kiwis.

New Zealand

Other countries throughout the world have locked down on freedom as well. Americans have yet to see what is coming. Our new world is so close to reality. My concern is the hybris of the incoming government. They are not hearing the cries of the masses throughout the country. They are following the playbook set forth through history as the most effective way to take over large populations. This is not something that will sit well in middle America. Time will tell what is in store for America. It is going to be a painful experience, I am certain. Please take care to ensure the welfare of your families and the community you live in.

Tucson Arizona

Support your local sheriff. Make certain that your community focuses at this level first. Your sheriff is the one that will be called on to enforce mandates that come down from the new government. These mandates may not be in the best interest if your community and perhaps not even constitutional. He is the elected law enforcement representative in your area. He can decide whether or not to enforce unconstitutional laws. We have seen this play out in Virginia last year when the sheriffs would not enforce the attempted gun grab by the governor.

Beware of behind the scenes deals.

Make your political stands locally, and build your strength into regional pockets of freedom and liberty. The nationalization of our federal government is underway guided by the brutally effective computer power of big technology and the hidden assets from foreign governments who stand to gain so much from our loss as Americans. Be strong, be careful and remain free. God bless you, and God bless America.

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  1. Hi Jim, I sent you a PM on Gab, but Im not even sure that feature works yet. I noticed you live in Sacramento, I was born and raised in Fresno. Shame what is happening to the state I love. Always be a Cali girl.

    I finally got my husband on Gab too. He is slowly getting his account going. I told him to follow you and maybe you would follow him back. His name on Gab is @AndrewGNelson

    His current blog page is http://www.andrewgnelson.org where he touches on a little bit of everything (politics, policing and his books). His old blog has some great stuff as well, https://andrewtheangryamerican.blogspot.com/

    I am going to put down my business website. Give you an idea of what I do for a living.

    BTW, another great article.

    NancyNY on Gab

  2. Hi Jim from New Zealand

    Fear is a powerful weapon.
    I am classed as one of the ‘vulnerable’, being over 60 with previous respiratory issue.
    After years of avoiding labels being applied to myself and my children by doctors, educators or elected officials I am angry that I am deliberately placed in the firing line for disposal. Years of accumulating wealth in wisdom thru life experiences, the heritage of my existence, is looked upon as dangerous by our governing younger set, hence the push to remove us.
    As I venture into town when necessary I observe those in the similar age bracket walking more timidly, uncertain beyond necessity being careful to not draw any unwanted attention. Those who do engage in brief conversations are in agreement that we are targets, with our superannuation fund being the carrot to justify the effort.

    Family and friends who used to tip toe around religion are now blatantly averse to anything controversial, at least for the moment. We are prepared for them to come calling once blood begins flowing in our ‘quiet’ land and meanwhile we support those younger and awake to do the footwork. There are a few but they are under constant vicious attack especially from media. We have imported a few socialist influencers from USA eg Marc Daalder who has the ear of our PM.

    My strongest weapon is my rock solid belief that in all my supposed frailty I am a placeholder for the coming battle, kneeling before the Creator, in His Courts as His beloved child, armoured up and engaged at His command.

    Watch this space in NZ as other mighty warriors emerge

    Abundant Grace, friend of Jesus Christ

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