Doom, Depravity and Despair

In the coming days and months, remember that you did not vote for this. We are now facing the three Ds. This 3D vision is not an American vision. Nobody Republican or Democrat voted for the Doom, Depravity and Despair that is coming our way.

The nation is about to enter a period of one-party rule. An unprecedented situation, not because Congress is Democrat controlled. It’s not because the Executive branch will be Democrat controlled, or because the Judicial branch is controlled. It is because we enter as American people the first time, we have  majority control by people we didn’t vote for. Well it is not the first time, but it is the first time since King George ruled over our colonies. The thousands of affidavits, the video footage and confessions are enough to put ordinary folks in prison for a long time.  They don’t actually matter, because the majority of our Nation’s population have not seen or heard of them. The courts haven’t entertained them as evidence. Their only purpose will be retribution flags. These brave people that swore oaths and took a stand for honest fair elections will be looking over their shoulders constantly for the foreseeable future.

It is obvious that the beneficiaries of staged elections are now in majority control of Congress. This was not just about a presidential election. Many of the House and Senate members also enjoyed some election help. Enough help to overthrow the delicate balance that had maintained status quo in their chambers. Any Bill that comes forth out of this current session of congress is going to face an easily manipulated President to sign it into law. These new laws won’t be for the benefit of the populace. They will be for the advantage of the lawmakers. Rapidly the lawmakers are going to accumulate as much wealth as possible. Their time in office is dependent on the industry that put them into office. This is the doom of our Republic. Lawmakers making laws for commission they will receive from big industrial players and governments. This is not taking into account lawmakers making law because they are being blackmailed. With the absolute control of the press, they no longer need to worry about blackmail. They can dig in, wholeheartedly burying their faces into the trough of American riches. Even today, when I look for a place to share my thoughts. My ability to share with others has been severely curtailed. I am currently waiting my turn to post on As they are overwhelmed with users. More users than their economic model will allow use of.

Prepare for uncontrolled depravity

The depravity of the incoming Chief Executive for the United States has been a point of rumor for years. He no longer needs to fear covering up iniquity from the past, or even that which takes place in the future. The path of his opponents has been firmly and ingloriously removed. Leaving him to grovel in whatever filthy habits and pastimes he sees fit. As long as he toes the line, and obeys those that lifted him to power. He will remain at the helm as the titular head of the United States.

With all that power under the control of American industry and media. There must be some place. Some way, for the ordinary man to redress the inevitable grievance that is to befall him. Unfortunately for him, there is no avenue left for him to pursue. There is a closed court system, not available or open to the ordinary soul. Its function has turned into the enforcement of tyrannical rules, ordinances and procedures set forth by the media. With no need to follow the old established rules printed in the wording of the Constitution of the United States of America, or the subordinate state constitutional authority. This leaves the constabulary the freedom to oppress any individual or group that may have interfered with the Court’s patrons. All avenues are closed off at this time. We are at least temporarily being subdued by the radical element of our society that has gained power. Do your best to stay out of their way, and avert your eyes if they cast theirs upon you. Don’t let them take out their aggression on you, or your family.


We have at least one path to overcoming this tyranny that Mike Pence put us under, when he refused to discard the fraudulent electors. At least chance to clear the path for loyal Americans to enter into public service. To replace the politicians that have fed from the tit of corruption. The chance to replace those fattened on the putrid milk of the establishment’s sow. The best possible chance we have is to vigorously stick together and begin now setting forth campaigns for the primary elections that are to come. The midterm primary elections that decide who will run for the Democrat, or Republican party are numerous, and difficult to follow. This is the tip of the spear we can use to penetrate the skin of the Rino. This is the poison we can use to put down the yellow dog. Overwhelming the polling stations during the midterm primary elections will give us the opportunity to put decent, American men and women in the race to Washington. It won’t remove the widespread election fraud, but it will at least make it more visible to those that have never seen any of the evidence that came forth from the 2020 election. We have this obligation to our posterity to fix the mistakes and messes that have turned our government into a chronically diseased, decaying swamp of pestilence and odors. If we don’t rise up to the challenge, then the death of our once great nation is imminent, and there is nobody to blame but ourselves for allowing it to happen on our watch.

So many of us were brought together by common purpose. Proclaiming that we are the news now, and where we go one, we go all. That is power that can turn around the greatest of evils. Our powers together, combining to form a gathering of citizenry united in purpose. That is a great thing, and it will not go away, unless we let it. It is not dependent on who is the president of the United States. That power is in each of us, and working together as we stick together. Not allowing the information police to pull us apart with empty rhetoric. We can make positive change in the world. We can make this a better place for our children. We can rid the country of corruption. We have to stick together to it, but we can. We can do it.

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  1. If all you say is 100% true…then we are completely lost. There will be no more “elections.” I will not make it through this dystopia.
    Hoping and praying you are wrong.

  2. Stick together? How? I was banned for retweeting ERIC CIARAMELLA. Yes, that long ago. Forced to bookmark people I followed to read in silence. I created a FB page years ago in my voting district that became too popular & educated my neighbors on our local/state/fed races. Voter turnout spiked, our county maintained majority commissioners and we got our senator re elected as well as rep. I watched FB methodically stop my reach to the 2500 people that relied on me for detailed county budget info, candidate info, meetings, current seat holders, policies, our state legislation, etc… Information that I poured my extra time into for free(dom) & to maintain our quality of life here. Then came the reporting trolls & factchecking ministry of truth. Then threats. Fakebook jail was punishment, then flat out reduced distribution of posts and threatened to tag my page as posting too much “fake news” if I shared info from certain sites and they threatened to put a warning label on the page for continual fact checking posts! If I put out a post now, not 1 like, no more comments, it’s as if all the people disappeared, or the page did. I can only hope my work the past 4 years left a mark and taught them to keep track of at least our local & state government. I treated my time spent spreading info to my community like a duty. I was anonymously effective and they shut me off.

    So far Gab works from 3a.m. until about 6:00a.m. I see varied posts. I was able to get on there intermittently today but it is the same 4 posts. Where’s the 100+ people I follow?? Having facebook dejavu. Does paying to be GAB PRO change that? Pilled has been far better for communicating & content, but it’s not local enough for me to make an impact on my community. People are still on the dopamine drip of the Fake reality Fakebook algorithm.

    I’m pissed off Jim. Really pissed off.
    Thank God for my dogs and the woods that are left. Praying God will guide me to my next venture of outsmarting the assholes & maintaining what dwindling freedom we have left. Farms are selling, new homes going in on every bit of land left, (no re-sale housing inventory) and watching my district get over run with relocating communists building new homes with HOA’s wanting to change our way of life in the country.

    I’m seeing quite the pattern in the doom and gloom commenting all over today. My discerning eye is wore out from the disinformation from all sides. I know, I know…. war is deception. But I’m flat out fed up at the moment. Still feeling stuck in an echo chamber of disinformation.

  3. 20 Jan 2021,2122 EST

    Jim: Before 8Kun was hacked today by pillow, I saw & saved a very disturbing post stated to be from our friend 17 (post #12635722). The trip code matched his last posts. Noticed when 8kun was back, up & running, all posts were subsequent to the above stated one.

    Have not seen the post/screen shot anywhere.

    Many questions: authentic v Memorex… If you would like to have it sent to you, what do you recommend.

    PS The world would be absolutely lost without you,Ron and 8kun.
    Thank you for all that you do.

  4. Although I truly appreciate what you are trying to do and appreciate you and what you’ve done on 8kun, it seems to me that you are preaching what you are warning against: DOOM. If we are now stuck with what we APPEAR to have, then we are in BIG trouble. But I don’t believe that…do you, really? And I’m writing this AFTER Sleepy China Joe was illegally inaugurated.

    Why not let the Trump-QTeam plan run its course until the end of the month at least, or better yet until the first week of March, before preaching this doom-ful scenario you’re warning against believing and preaching. And if somehow I’m missing your point, my apologies, but then I’d need an explanation of what I’m missing here.

  5. Can you write an article on why this was allowed to happen? If there was a ‘plan’, if ‘nothing can stop what is coming’… why are we here?

  6. I would like to suggest to you my opinion. We are all a little disappointed in where we are at.
    When I started reading Q’s post, I was always expecting things to transpire immediately, or at least within a month. As time went on, I started seeing that Q was saying future proves past. He would then post a old post, that connected with what was happening at the time of the new post.
    Q also said many times, that it is the only way, enough must see.
    I really wanted President Trump to win, but as we seen during his time in office, he had so many working behind the scene that was supposed to be his friend, “appear” to betray him.
    I think the horrible story of why we got what we got, is that the blood thirsty demons will think they have control, and as Q said, Narcissists. This will bring their own downfall. Q post 3931, says symbolism will be their downfall.
    As with waiting with all previous posts were hard to do, especially when Hillary is still free, Obama still walks the land, and Biden and Kerry are doing who knows what with their dark state CIA and FBI, we should stick with The Plan, pray, take care of yourself, family and friends and be a morale builder whenever you can, Q and the Anon’s are working to destroy this dark, hidden evil.
    We haven’t seen Q’s post, but maybe that is part of the Plan, to think Q is dead. We will fight on, with God’s help, for a better future for all people of the Earth.

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