Understand The Manipulation, and Break Free

Are you being controlled by the media?

When will things be better? There is no sign, or vision of the future that I can see. It’s not a conspiracy if it’s real. It’s only a theory until it’s proved. Many theories are never proved, yet are true. Allowing professional discrediting to stop your efforts. Letting the powerful sway your beliefs by threats and intimidation is understandable. Not everyone has the fortitude to stick with their beliefs. Under the pressure of modern mass media propaganda onslaughts, we become docile. Manipulating humans is easy for those with the knack. Recognize when you are being controlled. It may be as simple as listening to that uncomfortable feeling in the pit of your stomach. As disturbing as it may seem, we are under constant guidance by the media. When you are tuned in, plugged in, connected to the voice of the mainstream media. Make the extra effort to think for yourself. At this moment, if you don’t listen to the mass media. Then you won’t know what is going on. It takes extra effort to pull the actual current world events out of the blatant propaganda. It is their technique. Often the truth is there for you to read, see and hear. Mixing the truth with lies or half truths is the most common way of controlling your thoughts. Do your very best to break free from that control.

California wildfires devastate communities. Please help by donating.

California wildfires
Berry Creek

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