For What Purpose do You Serve?

Senator Heinrich, I am a deeply flawed man. The brunt of the assault on our Republic often falls directly on my shoulders. In spite of my rough edges, and eccentricities I do my best to defend our God given American Rights as written in the Constitution.

What is the purpose of your personal attack on me? Who is behind you? Many people in Washington have ulterior motives. You were a naive young man from the West. When you were elected from the Great State of New Mexico to the House of Representatives. Now you are a Senator. There is no longer any excuse for your behavior. You have a motive, and a reason for harming my family. Having the majority of your constituents’ hearts in mind should be your first priority. When I am in New Mexico it is as a tourist. Still, I care about New Mexico. It is one of my favorite states. It is big, beautiful and full of wonderful people. Being elected in New Mexico must be a real challenge. Take heart, and remember that shaming the folks of New Mexico has consequences. You are not a Representative now. You now represent the entire state as a Senator. It is no longer your character only that is tarnished by your action. It is that of your entire state. I am embarrassed for them by your actions. Your apology would be a good start. Ethnic racism can be cruel. White lawmakers such as yourself should stop condescending to the rest of society. Your privilege is beyond that of any ordinary American. Which is why I am so shocked and outraged by your attacks on myself and my family.

Your direct assault on the character of my family and myself in an earlier age would have been considered fighting words. You are diminished by this. You tarnish the office you have been elected to. Senators are paragons of virtue, and the bedrock our States are built on. Attacking me, for doing what any normal American man would do lowers your credibility. It is as if you are under the control of the propaganda from the media. Who are not elected representatives of the people. They are indeed the representatives of the extreme opposite of what our form of government stands for.
You should consider finding a more reputable source of information than tabloids before making accusations in the Senate chambers about me.


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