Breaker breaker, what’s your 20?

Nobody that has not been convicted of a criminal charge should have to spend an extended period caged. If you need to ask how long that time is, then it’s already been to long. Those that imprison people unjustly are criminals.

Power used to enrich the powerful is not a crime. Power used to subvert the law is. Power used to compel the unwilling to obey extra-judicial mandates and not expressly written in the legal code is a serious criminal matter. This violates the first written law of our land by removing the ability to redress grievances from the ordinary man.

The powerful in society have an obligation not to allow their influence to violate the rights of the weak.

Weakness is not a crime, and neither is strength. Men are all obligated to follow the laws set before them, regardless of their social standing or situation. Ordinary people from all strata of society can do extraordinary things to make our world a better place.

Be best.

Be best for God, for your family, your friends, and your country.

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