“Our Lives, Our Fortunes, Our Sacred Honor.”

He doesn’t understand, our lives, our fortunes, our sacred honor.

I wonder at the motivations of Krebs on Security. It seems he has recently attempted to regain notoriety, becoming an interloper in the business of my business and those that do business with me. What are his motivations for attacking my company and many others as well? Hundreds of people were directly affected by his supposed actions. Whether they are true or not. He has taken credit for it in his recent article on his blog.

I wonder what lies he had to tell to convince an extensive network to end their business relationship with my ISP?

Is It Wet Yet had no direct relationship with them.

Companies need to find ways to harden their human firewall. Mr. Krebs has, in a way, hacked this company’s network and tricked them into shutting down American business. This is hacking. Hacking is something that Krebs is well aware of since he spends his days on hacker networks in the darkest reaches of the internet.

I don’t know Mr. Krebs, but I know his actions. He pops his head out of the basement whenever it is possible to pile on. Bullying his way into an extra 15 minutes of fame and does not care about the actual human suffering he causes.

This type of hacker works for a big corporation or a nation-state. There is no money to be made from shutting down the voices that cling to https://vanwa.tech for their free speech. They look to that company to protect their God-given rights to express themselves. I know they do, as I do the same thing.

Large corporate entities would be so happy if I shut my doors and stopped giving the downtrodden masses a place to redress their grievances. Grievances that are so quickly deleted and disappeared on the other forums available to the average person.

Most folks see the 1st Amendment of the United States as a law to protect free speech. Something that can be changed over time and rewritten to suit our needs as we pass through the generations. That is not what it is about.

This law and many others are what is considered “natural laws.” Law was given to us by our Creator. They are not just laws that pertain to our particular country but natural God-given laws that pertain to all of humanity.

We have a right to speak freely. We have freedom of religion, and there is a right to worship in our own way. There is freedom of the press. There is a right to assemble peaceably, and there is a right to redress grievances.  We have freedom of association as well. These are the rights given to us in the 1st Amendment of the United States of America, and they have been the rule of law since 1791.

We are shutting down opposing views by the destruction of their printing press. Destroying another man’s company to silence political speech is an abomination to the American spirit. We already jail political prisoners without trial in the United States of America. In our Capital, this is referred to with simpering grins as “The process is the punishment.”

The only following on the agenda of removing the rest of our People’s rights is silencing those voices that would speak out against tyranny by death.

Our founding fathers knew that when they pledged.

Our lives
Our fortunes
Our sacred honor

Your actions are shameful, Mr. Krebs. They are not worthy of honor. If they enrich you, that money is ill-gotten. My company obeys the law and is an excellent American company. I am slandered and injured by your actions. You are a scoundrel.

Jim Watkins

I may be contacted on Gab or Telegram
, and of course, @jimisnotq on TS.


  1. This whole mess Breaks my heart. Foolish people running the world into ablivious. I’m ready to go home!! Fight?? for what? Oh I know….”We will have to “Wait & See” how that turns out too. I say ~GAME OVER~. God-Speed……I’m sick to death now. No Common sence. You Can’t fix “Stupid”….Over…………………….

  2. Hello Jim, just reading an email I got from you and clicked on a link in it with no description of what it was and the new tab that opened said that I was unsubscribed. That certainly isn’t what I wanted to do and I’m wondering how do I re-subscribe?
    My three pens are all laying on the table here and wet, LoL.

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