Thanksgiving Labor

Thanksgiving dinner

November 25, 2020

We are coming up on Thanksgiving and our nation is still divided over the election fiasco at the beginning of the month.
Let’s be certain not to forget and take time to help our neighbors for Thanksgiving. There is a lot of everything going on, to the point of confusion. However tomorrow, let’s share the fruit of our labors with our family and friends. Don’t forget those in your neighborhood that don’t have anything. There is nothing wrong with offering a plate of food to someone you know is hungry. Even those that you don’t know are hungry may be suffering. Let’s do our best for our communities.
The attorneys that are filing and fighting the election fraud this year need some prayers as well. I am sure that cases will be filed today and on Friday, but let them enjoy some Thanksgiving on Thursday as well.
Understand that even if these cases don’t result in overturning the election. They will result in action taken by the courts. Justice takes time, and it moves at its own speed. We can’t speed it up with all the puffing in the world. Dan Scavino puts it in to perspective here. If we lose freedom here, what then?

Don’t fall for corporate propaganda. My hope is that the election fraud will be completely uncovered. That there will be human beings held accountable for that, and that the beneficiaries of this terrible marginalization and suppression of Americans and their votes will be brought to task for it. We have to realize this is the dream of Martin Luther King Jr. that the negro would gain their full citizenship. That their vote would be counted. We as Americans have moved past the color issue, but we have taken a great step backward over the suppression of voters. Make sure your local community is not disenfranchising you and the rest of your friends. We have a long way to go, and our country is under constant attack. Be vigilant, and take care of yourselves and your family. Oh, I almost forgot

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