Tracking 10,000 Faces a Second

10,000 faces a second

November 27, 2020

Staying focused is difficult. There are to many subjects to bounce around to. This Thanksgiving weekend was not spectacular for a lot of people. I hope that you had a good one. I did. We went for a walk in the woods.

Tonight, I will be on the radio at 7 PM Pacific 10 PM Eastern. You can stream it at Studio B Or if that connection gets to busy listen on TuneIn Radio.

Meanwhile Defending the Republic was busy, I am sure collating, sorting and putting together multiple topics into some sort of coherent argument. When there is chaos, it is difficult to focus. Which of the equally egregious events that took place on and around November 3rd are the most likely to get the sympathy of the court? There is just a cornucopia of facts and evidence spewing out of the holiday season to select from. I am glad I am not that attorney. It is difficult to wrap my head around it, because I don’t want to admit that this stuff is true. How can this be my America? This is to much, too deep and to coordinated. The Big Tech enterprises are obviously complicit, so the links to the filings are not easy to find. Here are the ones I have found. For whatever purpose that may serve. If you dig something interesting out of it. Please let me know.

Good things have been happening lately. It is not all bad news. LTG Flynn has been pardoned with innocence. I am happy to hear this good news. Getting pushed around is not fun, and he was pushed farther than most people could have endured.

Last weekend I attended a symposium on facial recognition software. It was unnerving to realize that even a small municipality can afford to deploy equipment that has the ability to identify and track in a crowd 10,000 faces a second. I don’t know what side you are on with masks, but tracking folks like that is upsetting to me. I don’t know if it is happening in your area or not, but it is in many countries coordinated by the government. There is no escaping it.

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of Phil Fairbank’s book Pedogate Primer. He has been removed from the search on Facebook, so it is likely this is the only place you will find the link to his book.

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