Using Freedom Against Our Nature

We are not at checkmate. This is not the end of our options for peaceful resolution. There remains plenty of opportunity because we keep our American ingenuity and spirit. This is the beginning of our chance to find the way to a peaceful resolution. In the past, situations that we found ourselves in were resolved […]

Doom, Depravity and Despair

In the coming days and months, remember that you did not vote for this. We are now facing the three Ds. This 3D vision is not an American vision. Nobody Republican or Democrat voted for the Doom, Depravity and Despair that is coming our way. The nation is about to enter a period of one-party […]

United in the Loss of Freedom

What will you do during the next cycle of lockdowns? We haven’t had the lockdown restrictions that other countries less free than America was, have had to endure. We have been spoiled by our freedoms. Other countries have endured greater abuse and not spoken out about it. Overtly at least. America, the United States of […]

The Rise of Common Sense

We have a long row to hoe. There remain a lot of tasks to accomplish. Preparing for our future, and the future of our great country. There has been a takeover of our government, the mechanism that runs it has been gamed to allow those that would to do. As we walk into the future, […]

The Most Dangerous Man on Earth

The past week has been a reality setting time. The periodicals that I have held in esteem for years have shown their true colors, or I suspect the colors of new owners. One of these magazines has called me out. Now, don’t get me wrong. I was not singled out. There are four other […]

Collusion is Where Frienemies Meat

Collusion is agreement. It is generally a secret agreement. It has been a long time since the last stimulus bill, and America has waited because there is no agreement in Washington among the nobility in the House and Senate. So, we still waiting, trying to figure out our budgets, there is a big difference in […]

Who’s At the Helm of our Nation?

There is a lot of air to clear, with all the misinformation that has been spewed over the last election cycle. Mike Pence has been a star over the past year. Doing what is necessary, going past that which was required of him. Taking over the Corona Virus Task Force has shown what a resourceful […]